WinBar has moved

Welcome to We have moved to SourceForge at:
The old site has been removed. A new, slimmed-down site will be available here at a later time.
The move to open-source has inspired us to take up the project once again. WinBar is now available
in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors.


The old site's functions are now handled by SourceForge and require a SF account to participate.
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WinBar1 is dead and has not been supported for years. Here are some download mirrors for the last build, 1.2.95:
WinBar 1.2.95 Setup.exe from XS4ALL, Netherlands
WinBar 1.2.95 Setup.exe from, USA
WinBar 1.2.95 Setup.exe from Freenet, Germany

Trackers for WinBar1 can still be found here: